West Island Line, Hong Kong

Tuned at 560Hz, vertical and lateral direction
200m damper section
300m track curvature
Medium attenuation baseplate
1 damper per rail support spacing at low rail
ΒΌ damper per rail support spacing at high rail
6dB(A) In-saloon Noise Reduction

Q Damper were only installed in quarter of the standard density at the high rail, while installed standard density on low rail. When compare between the saloon noise measured at the same days after rail grinding, Q Damper reduces 6 dB(A) overall noise level. After that, the Client ordered extra 50m of rail damper to installed at the adjacent sections.

90% Rail Corrugation Growth Suppression

Rail vibration energy can be full transmitted to Q Damper through the rigid contact. This allows Q Damper can efficiently dissipate vibration energy and allows suppression of rail corrugation growth, measured over 3 grinding cycles.