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Professional Sound Measurement Instrument

Larson Davis instrumentation is used in community and environmental noise monitoring, measurement of building acoustics, managing worker exposure to noise and vibration, and various automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications.

SoundExpert® Model 821

Multi-purpose Sound Level Meter
Product ‧ EventConstructionEnvironmentalOccupational

Whether making handheld noise measurements or measuring environmental noise for several weeks, the SoundExpert Model 821 is an excellent choice for ease of use and low power operation. With a large, responsive touch screen, SoundExpert Model 821 offers A, C, and Z frequency weightings F,S, and I time weightings, community noise metrics, optional Octave Band Analysis.

Top Notch
IEC Class 1 – Patent Approved
Full-featured data logging (100ms logger step)
1/1 and 1/3 octave band filter (6.3 Hz – 20k Hz)
Leq, Lmax, Lmin, Lpeak, Ln (6 values), LDN, LDEN
A, C, and Z frequency weightings
F, S, and I time weightings
17 – 140 dB measurement range
-30 to 60 °C operating temperature
Up to 40 hours operating time
USB-C connectivity
Smartphone-esque operation
Large, responsive touch display
Bluetooth automatic data download
Wireless charging available
Support SD card up to 256 GB

SoundAdvisor™ Model 831C

Advance Sound Level Meter
Building and room acoustics ‧ Vibration ‧ Online noise monitoring station ‧ R&D

The Larson Davis SoundAdvisor Sound Level Meter performs the functions of several instruments by combining the features of a precision Class 1 sound level meter, environmental noise analyzer, and a real-time frequency analyzer in one unit. From app-based compatibility with LD Atlas™ to instant alert capabilities, SoundAdvisor is an ideal solution for a range of applications including environmental noise assessment, spectral noise analysis, reverberation time measurements, event detection, sound recording, and more.

IEC Class 1 – Patent Approved
20ms logger step (2.5ms for RT measurement)
17 dB – 140 dB measurement range
6.3 Hz – 20k Hz frequency range
1/1, 1/3 octave, FFT analysis, tone assessment, reverberation time (RT) analysis
Built-in cellular, WiFi, and wired networking connectivity
Exceedance based logging, and sound recording
Customizable for your application
Full range AC output for custom analysis
Gain: 0 dB or +20 dB

Spartan™ Model 730

Wireless Noise Dosimeter
Worker noise exposureOccuputional health and safety

The Spartan™ Noise Dosimeter Model 730 is designed to make worker noise dose measurements easy and fast. With Spartan, control test setup and measurements directly from the Larson Davis Atlas™ mobile app. All essential tasks can be completed from your iOS™  or Android™ device.

Compliance to ISO 9612, OSHA, MSHA, ACGIH
EU Directive 2003/10/EC compliance
Full control, live monitoring, auto data download via Bluetooth
Optional Event Sound Recording
Optional 1/1 Octave filters
Motion detection (for validation and excluding unwanted “bumping”)
Intrinsically Safe also available


Precision Sound Level Calibrator
IEC 60942 Class 1

Output level: 94 or 114 dB
 Output frequency: 1 kHz
1/2″ microphone opening
IEC 60942:2003 Class 1 compliant
Output level independent of battery condition

Weatherproof Noise Monitoring Station Add-on

We offer fully customizable options to convert the sound level meter into a weather-proof noise monitoring station, including solar, battery or mains powered options.

Portable Noise Monitoring System

Suitable for noise monitoring last for few days to few weeks. Most ideal with Model 821.

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Long-Term Noise Monitoring System

Suitable for long-term or permenant noise monitoring. Model 831C offers remote control (via WiFi or cellular) , data access, noise exceedance alert and event sound recording, etc.

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