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PCB® manufactures sensors used by design engineers and predictive maintenance professionals to test and measure vibration, acoustics, force, pressure, load, and shock in research and development, industrial and professional applications.


PCB® provides ICP® (IEPE), PE, MEMS, and capacitance sensing technologies to satisfy these various measurement requirements.

PCB’s accelerometers are trusted by experts for their high-quality components and feature:

Wide Dynamic Measurement Ranges from 1 mcg to 200,000 g
Wide Frequency Response from 0 to 60 kHz
Temperatures from -240°C to 760° C
Consistent, repeatable results
Single-axial and tri-axial
Miniture accelerometer
Precision Microphones

PCB® offers microphones and preamplifiers complying IEC Type 1 specification. Low-cost BNC connectors allows PCB® can be used interchangeably with other test equipment.

Modern design
Operate from ICP® sensor power
Low cost per channel
Uses coaxial cables with BNC or 10-32 connections
Interchangeable with ICP® style accelerometers and pressure sensors
IEC Type 1 compliant
Impact Hammer

Each PCB® Modally Tuned®, ICP® instrumented impact hammer features a rugged, force sensor that is integrated into the hammer’s striking surface.


Structure Health Testing
Resonance Determination
Modal Analysis
Strucutural Mobility Test
Force Sensors

PCB’s quartz, piezoelectric force, and strain sensors are durable measurement devices with exceptional characteristics for measuring high frequency dynamic force and strain events.


Fracture Testing
Press Monitoring
Fatigue Testing
Drop Testing
Industrial Process Control
Handheld Vibration Shaker

Small, handheld vibration reference source of 1g at 159.2Hz for rapid field calibration for accelerometers.

Vibration Test Shakers

Vibration shakers from The Modal Shop offer a wide range of options from miniature inertial shakers to large vibration test shakers. Designed for applications ranging from laboratory research to automotive and aerospace component testing, this versatile line of shakers offers force ratings from 2 lbf (9 N) to 500 lbf (2224 N)

The miniature SmartShaker™ Series serves as an all-in-one modal and vibration shaker with built-in power amplifier. 

Load Cells

Our load cell offering includes general purpose and fatigue rated load cells, which come in a variety of mechanical configurations such as single or dual bridge, low profile, canister, rod-end, and s-beam load cells.

Low deflection with high accuracy
Temperature and pressure compensated
A2LA accredited calibration
NIST traceable calibration
Direct replacement for competitive models
Strain Sensors

It is particularly important to take accurate measurements in some R&D or control applications. To avoid the error issues for strain gauges, PCB manufactures quartz piezoelectric strain sensors that output the same mV/microstrain sensitivity throughout the entire useful range. 

Measure longitudinal strain on machinery structures
Control press forces and other processes
Monitor quality, safety, and reliability
Robust construction endures harsh, industrial environments
ISimple installation is noninvasive to process
Single bolt screw or adhesive mount screw